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Team 26 is based out of the

southern Ohio area.Team 26 was started

approximately 10 years ago. Up until several

years ago Mark ran the team on a solo

basis.But, now with the help of friends, family,

and several sponsors it`s a real TEAM EFFORT. 














This year we are tying to make our team bigger and better than ever. As, you know it takes alot to keep a race program together. We currentlyhave a few great sponsors, but there is always room for more. So if you would like to help make TEAM 26 a competitive force in 2004 please feel free to send us an email.




We have been busy around the shop preparing for the 2004 racing season. We had problems early this year witch led to the borrowing of the ZERO car owned by Eddie Cook of Newtown.

After Engine assembly was complete we expirienced engine an engine faliure,before the car had even seen sunlight. A new block was purchased and sent to Cropper`s to have some machine work done.The motor was back in our posession a short time later, and them it was a race against the clock. It was two days unitl raceday and there was still plenty of work to be done.

Assembly  was nearly complete late Thursday evening when we ran into yet another problem. After a night restless sleep we aquired what we needed to finsh the project. Friday ended up being a late night in the shop. We work until 4:00 am and then returned at 9:00 to finalize what we had been working on for months.

It was off the races saturday evening , we knew we had some adjustments that would be needed to get the car back to it`s groove. As the night went we ofund little things that needed tweaked, and the car got faster every time on the track. By feature time we were comfortable with the car again. We lined up  6th row inside . Before the green flag dropped the 9c experienced some problems in witch moved the 26 car up a row. We raced beside the 99F car throughout most of the race. When the checkers flew we were in 7th. All in all it was a respectable first night out for TEAM 26.



Send an email



Send an email

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